About us

Since 2008, Atlas Marketing International has been helping American, Canadian European and Australian exporters penetrate new markets here and abroad. Our mission is to assist you in selling your products and services to both domestic and foreign markets through the international promotion of your products and expertise. At the same time, we are also well positioned to assist you in sourcing specific products and material.

A personalized approach

The services offered by Atlas Marketing International are designed to satisfy your needs and our activities target specific goals in order to obtain maximum impact in the achievement of your export and sourcing objectives.
Atlas is committed to a business structure built on customer service, results, efficiency and reliability.

If you just want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go the distance, go together

Be assured that we, at Atlas, are dedicated to achieving your international and domestic commercial objectives through consistency and successful collaboration.
We have always considered integrity, honesty, and respect to be crucial components of a trusting business relationship.

Trade shows represented by Atlas Marketing International:

Click here to see the list of our  shows in Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and very recently we have added new events in Mexico and Finland.

A Solid expertise in international trade

Since its very beginning, Atlas Marketing International has helped companies achieve commercial success and increase their business opportunities abroad and its experience is equally applicable to the home market. Our team has completed assignments, tasks and projects on five continents including the following countries:

  • North America : Canada, United States, Mexico.
  • Oceania :Australia, New-Zeland
  • Europe : France, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia
  • South America : Brazil, Chili
  • Asia : China, India, Malaysia, South Korea
  • Africa & Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa

Atlas Marketing International’s staff will show you the path through the often complex trade customs and practices of these countries essential to the success of your business strategy abroad.


Import/Export Looking for suppliers?

We are in contact with a multitude of suppliers around the world including, but not necessarily limited to, the following sectors:

  • Medical supplies: mask, ventilators, gowns, thermometers…
  • Food, poultry, cattle, Seafood, exotic fruits
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Industrial products
  • Various emergency, medical and military equipment
  • Commodities
  • Environment, water management and recycling equipment
  • HVAC
  • Oil and Gas.

Have a special requirement?  Atlas will help you find the suppliers/manufacturers

We can act as your main procurement source for the full range of suppliers/manufacturers with whom we deal both in Asia and around the world.
We are constantly searching for reliable and trustworthy sources.
The Atlas team is closely connected with various suppliers/manufacturers and before we propose any of their products, their businesses are submitted to a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that they are capable of satisfying your requirements.  They must be certified by the proper authorities, have proven reliability and be able to deliver on agreed terms of delivery.